Estimates for car upholstery are valid for three months. The pricing should be determined in person to ensure the correct estimate is given. Pricing via phone for a custom car interior is simply an approximation and are subject to change. Prices will be based on the cost of materials selected and labor. When contacting Sam's Upholstery, it's best to have in mind the style of interior that your looking for. This way the shop can assure you the best possible estimate for the job. Every upholstery job, from stock to custom, is unique and varies due to the body of the automobile and the desired style of the interior. Most custom upholstery jobs take 6-8 weeks.


Custom interior upholstery now extends to new vehicles. Including over 225 brands, Alea Leather Conversion Kits are available for installation. Leather conversion allows for custom work while maintaining US DOT Occupant Crash Protection laws and side airbag deployment safety.


Deposits reserve appointment slots. Only a received deposit will ensure a place on the appointment list. The amount of the deposit depends on the estimated cost of the job. Visit the contact page to inquire about deposits.


When planning your custom upholstery it is best to contact the shop, about 6+ months ahead, to schedule an appointment for your project. Visit our contact page to send a message to Sam's Upholstery for an appointment or any general questions. In the case of a cancellation, the shop will keep you in mind and work you into the schedule at your convenience, however, arriving during appointment times is essential for your project to stay on schedule. There is a buffer time the car needs to be in the shop before the interior job can begin. Custom work will begin after all materials have been ordered.

CUSTOM Upholstery